Landscape Services by RS Construction

RS Construction takes pride in offering comprehensive landscape services that enhance the beauty and functionality of residential and commercial properties in Pretoria, Thohoyandou, Gauteng, and Limpopo, South Africa. With a team of dedicated on-site professionals and area managers, we ensure your outdoor space is a source of pride and pleasure.

Garden Maintenance

Our garden maintenance agreements cover a wide range of services to keep your garden in top condition. We handle lawn care, border line definition, leaf and debris removal, fertilization, weeding, paved area sweeping, and hedge and shrub trimming. Our on-site teams are closely monitored, ensuring the highest standards in garden care.

Lawn Care

Achieving a lush, green lawn requires expert care. RS Construction offers lawn care services, including scarifying, mowing, topdressing, and instant lawn installation using Kikuyu and LM grass. We are committed to transforming your lawn into a vibrant, healthy space.

Pest Control

Protect your garden from damaging pests with our specialized pest control solutions. We focus on prevention and targeted pest control, using eco-friendly products when possible to minimize ecological impact. Ensure your garden remains pest-free and thriving.

Garden Restoration & Rehabilitation

Revive neglected or overgrown gardens with our restoration and rehabilitation services. We bring gardens back to their former glory and maintain their beauty with regular care. Say goodbye to weed-infested or unkempt gardens and enjoy a space you can be proud of.

Once-Off Cleans

For gardens in distress, we offer once-off cleaning services. While long-term maintenance yields the best results, we understand the need for aggressive, short-term solutions. We can restore your garden area, preparing it for a fresh start and renewed vitality.

Tree Felling

Problematic trees can disrupt your outdoor space. Our professional tree surgery and tree felling service safely handle trees of any size that have outgrown their locations or become unstable. Protect your property from tree-related issues.

Irrigation Design, Installation & Maintenance

Efficient irrigation is essential for healthy gardens. Our irrigation systems ensure precise and efficient water delivery. We can incorporate greywater and rainwater recovery systems and calculate optimal irrigation schedules to conserve water.

Garden Design

Our qualified designers work closely with you to understand your vision and specific requirements. We consider soil, light, shade, and space parameters to recommend features and plants that bring your garden to life.